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Hello, My name is Anette Hultman. I am 45 years old and live in South Sweden. I work ofline as a assistance nurse for elderly care. In 2007 I started to explore ways to earn money online. I started out with paid to programs and surf in traffic exchanges. And with the earnings I gained and saved I started my own traffic exchanges, paid to click and a text ad exchange.

I have two kids. One daughter now 23 years old, One son 19 years old (ADHD&AUTISM). I have been divorced for the last 10 years, and been a single mother since. But it has not been any trouble at all. I can proudly say I have  managed well, dispite being a single mother and on my own.

Sweden is a country with monarky, yes we do have a King and Queen. The country lies in northern Europe together with Norway, Denmark and Finland. We have four seasons - spring, autum, winter and summer. During winter we have snow, lots of it normally. And it is cold. The summers are getting hotter than we are used to. But if I have to choose a season, I choose summer time.

Sweden capital is Stockholm, the biggest town in the country. The second is Gottenburg and the third is Malmö. 9 million people lives in Sweden. SAAB & VOLVO have been our brands in the car industry, unfortunately it has been sold out to other countries.

When is the best time to travel to Sweden?, That is up to YOU - Do you like real cold weather with lots of snow, then the winter is the time. Or if you do like prefer to actually see Sweden in its best time, then the summer should be the choice...

Here is a picture of my hometown, Falköping. There is about 30 000 people living here. This veiw is taken from our mountain called "Mösseberg". The other mountain you see on the picture is called "Ålleberg". The town of Falköping is a town from the middle ages. We have lots of ruins in graves and churches from that time of Era.

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Anette Hultman
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