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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

You wont get rich ...........................

Being a member of a paid to click or a paid to read program wont make you rich. I know this since I have been a FREE member of the most leading paid to programs since 2007 and I probably only have earned about $100 so far using those programs.

Surfing4Cash as a FREE member in traffic exchanges wont make you rich either. But, you earn money faster. My Total Earnings from Traffic exchanges offer surf4Cash is probably $200 since 2008.

Today in 2010 I own and administrate Three Traffic exchanges, Two Paid to Click programs and One Text Ad Exchange. All of these sites I bought and set up with my earnings from Paid to click, paid to read programs and Surfing4cash in traffic exchanges.

Are you new to these types of programs then let me tell you, YOU wont get rich, however you can extend your budget income with small amounts of earnings from them. If you have goals and intention of starting your own sites, then using these free programs and build up and save money in order to invest in your own futured program can be a help. Just remember it wont happen over night.

During the time I have being a FREE member I have realized that being a UPGRADE member have given me substantial better benefits. I earn more, I cashout to a lower amount and I get FREE advertising my self easier. So if you consider starting earning free money online, then you should consider to upgrade. It save you money, it save you time and you will be paid far more and faster than being a FREE member.

I hope you find some of my programs useful. Read through them, look for proof of payments. Look what others say about the programs beofore joining. Some programs do scam their members for money and disapear. I have made some mistakes during my online journey, but that is a risk you take. Read articles, find out what work and what dont.

Do not just register to anything you see. You will only end up with tons of programs and no time to work with them. I have been on that road and felt stressed out for not have time enough to work with all of them. On my pages here you will find only paying programs with honest owners. I have been paid buy them more than once. So there is no risk to join and be scamed. You will get paid.


Nancy Radlinger said...

Great post as always - good info and so full of info - you covered things very well.

wisgrandma said...
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