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Friday, 9 January 2009

2008 - The beginning of my journey

Are You looking for a way of making money online? Well, let me tell You about my little making money jorney.

For six years ago I got divorced. Both my kids were in their teens and I had more time for my self. Every day routine was to, do all the must do things( work, washing, cleaning, dishes etc), log in to the internet to read news, look up my horoskop and play some games. I thought to myself, there must be some more fun things to do while paying for having Inernetconnection. The broadband is not expensive in Sweden however, it do cost some money so I was thinking of a way to make my Internetconnection more lucrative.

I started to investigate how you could make some money while surfing. And wow, there were lot of ways that You could make money. Most of the ways did however cost some money. And as a new divorced mother of two teens I did not have a budget to pay others for making money.

I started to extend my search for a FREE WAY OF MAKE MONEY ONLINE and how surprised I was to find that there actually was. I got introduced to the FREE MONEY MAKING PROGRAMS INDUSTRY. Also known as GPT.

The GPT industry have proved me to be a great way of making FREE money. I have not paid a dime and still, I have made some. GPT however do not make You rich. But that was not my goal. My goal was to have fun while making free money.

GPT is Get Paid To, and there are different ways of GPT you can earn money for free.

  1. Get paid to read e-mails
  2. Get paid to click links
  3. Get paid to promote
  4. Get paid to do offers.

1. Get paid to read e-mails are by the far in my opinion the best free way of making money. There are tons of Get paid to read programs, referd to PTR. Many of them are honest paying sites. You will earn money, and get paid depending on Your activity as a member. If You get people signing up under You, You can increase your earnings and easely reach hundreds of $$$ per month.

2. Get paid to click links are also a god way of earning free money. This, however in my opinion take a bit longer to get paid from. You ned a downline in order to make money enough to reach payout limits. There are tons of get paid to click programs, referd as PTC.

3. When You register as a member in any PTR program You will get a paid link to use for promoting and every time your paid link are shown for other people You get paid. This can really increase Your earnings in those programs. And You reach payout limit rather fast.

4. Get paid to do offers are programs that allow you to do offers, like taking a survey, for free and you will get paid for it. However I am an international person which do not allow me to do all the offers in those programs. But I can earn money if I refer other people to the program.

When I started out to search for a way of making money online, I never thought that I was going to be making money. But I am. and I really love doing this. I have made my self a couple of hundreds $$$ just reading commersial e - mails online instead of reading them in paper by my kitchen table. I have found my little hobbie, something to do when all the must do things are done.

Now, If You are looking for a way of making money oneline. Save Your time, Save Your money - Make money. It´s Easy - It´s Fun - It´s FREE. Take a look at GPT programs and try it out. You will not lose anything, you will gain and make money for FREE.

From the desk

Anette Hultman, Mycents

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