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Friday, 9 January 2009

2009 - A great start of a new year

We have now entered new year of 2009. And in my journey in making free money online it started out great.

I have finally reached my very first payment from HITS4PAY wich I will recieve on the 15 this month. I did a request of payment in both LINKGRAND and WORDLINX this Tuesday and I did get the payment on the very same day. You can reweiv this paymentsproof here.

I am of course really exiting about these payments since it is the first and only PTCsites that have paid me for my efforts of clicking paid links.

This year I am going to take a new step in my journey in making free money online. I am going to be a payperpost - blogger. So therefor I have registred and opend a free account with PeayPerPost - Blogger. I have no idea about how it works, but I am willing to learn and that will hopefully pay of. I read about this program in a discussion in Mylot. I thought since it is free and I like to write a lot about different things, why not try it out.

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