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Saturday, 14 March 2009

Latest News - Mars 2009

Here is Mars payouts to NMC so far:

NMC have requested payouts from some both paid to read and paid to click sites of NMC.
Here is the list that have paid NMC so far in Mars.

requested payouts from PTR sites on 8th mars,

CakeBiz $1 (Done 8th)
DownHomeFolks $1 (done 8th)
Esky-Zone $1 (done 10th)
Seaturtle $2 (Done 10th)
VistaClickers $0.5 (done 14th)
CastleOracle $1 (done 10th)
JupiterMails $1 (done 10th)

AllMyMoneyForYou random payout $0.10 (done 13th)

HardRockPtr Random Payout $0.13 (done 9th)

Requested payouts from PTC sites 7th mars.

GoldmineClickers (ptc) $1 (done on 8th)

Total sum Payout so far in Mars is $8.73

Programs NMC have removed:

Cash - Hi
Cash - Mails

NMC requested a payout for over 300 days ago,
but have not yet been paid. And the webmaster of
these sites have not returned NMC emails. Also, due
to an earlier hack attack, NMC have not been able
to login to those sites since. Therefore, NMC no longer
want to waste any time.

New programs NMC have listed:

CirclePtr - offer $2 payout, random payouts and many ways to earn.
  1. Paid to read - Paid to click
  2. earn commision from level 1 10%
  3. 50 clicks per monty required.

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