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Saturday, 4 April 2009

Early April News

The spring are on the way. Sun is shining and the birds are singing.
I do love this time of the year. Still the weather fools around.

I have made some changes on the main website.
I thouhgt it would be nice to make a spring time clean up.

The summery of March payment was almost $10 That is quite
god considering not many referrals in the different sites for NMC.

This month fetured programs to Join.

AngelPtc has made som changes also.
Added new way of earning The site now also has banner ptc.
It ad your earnings up from this great PTC.
Here is what the program offer:
  • get paid to click links
  • get paid to click banner
  • get paid to sign up
  • get paid to read.
  • free traffic exchange
  • $0.25 payout for free members (no minimum for upgrade)

BangTheLinks great Paid to read program with low payout limit.

This is what the program offer:
  • get paid for reading emails
  • get paid for clicking banner
  • get paid for signing up to offers.
  • offer low payout of $0.50

Rainbow Traffic, great traffic exchange with lots of fun. Is added
to NMC. Have a huge referral contest at the moment.

If You have not joined yet I sugest YOU do. Here is what the program offer:
  • Progressive ratio
  • Daily, Weekly, Monthly bonuses
  • Random surf bonuses
  • 10 second timer ( this are lowered to 6 during the weekend contest.)

Well, untill next time, hope You enjoy spring time,
I like to wish you all a happy easter.


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