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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

April - Payment news

In Sweden we are celebrating the springtime this weekend.
And the worker are also have their day of demonstration.
A tradition that has been since somewhere in the beginning
of the 1900 centrie. for the past week I have not feeling well.

Had a really bad flu, I am on my way to recouver, but still need
some rest for being fit for fight again.

But here some news for my friends.

My payments in month of April

MysterPtc - $2.51
AngelPTC - $1.51
Dreamclix - $0.44
Galaxyclix - $0.57
AllMyMoneyForYou - $0.39
Mylot - $11.51 (click image on the left)
LavendernLace - $1.01

summary payment recieved is $27:94

See The payment proof here NMCPAYMENTPROOF

New program added this month is ChatLink.

With chatlink you can earn money, and earn free advertising using points.

It is free to join.

You don't even have to be online in the chat while your programs are shown on OTHER members chat messages, all day & night long.

NMC is trying this program out to see if it has some benefits for the nmc gpt-home business.

have a nice weekend.

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