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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Middel April News

Hi there, it is finally Spring. And from a blue sky the sun is
shining over my head. This is the best time of the year.
Birds are singing, flowers are bloming and the grass is green.

And the temperature is just right. I have been busy lately
with my work off line. There has been courses I had to
attend to. I also have problems with my teeth lately. And
had to take care of that. I do hope everyone had a great

However here is some news for my follow readers and all
the surfers that see this site.

This week I got a payment from Mylot, amount of $11.51.
Mylot is a great forum to be at. It is fun, you talk with
people around the world about anything You like. The best
part is You get paid doing it. I have been paid now, four
times of a totaly amount of over $50. Just click on the Mylot
image if You like to join and enjoy this great site with me.

Payment Proof from Mylot!

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